The Neurodevelopmental Strength-Based Program

This online professional development program is designed to address the learning differences of K-12 students through a unique and innovative series of courses on Neurodevelopment (ND), with an emphasis on a strength-based approach to teaching and learning. The CHIME Institute offers this program to provide educators with tools to facilitate student success. At the end of the 5-course 9-month series, participants will earn a Certificate in a Neurodevelopmental Strength-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning. Up to 10 CEUs may be earned from Brandman University.

Who: The program is designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, and service providers.

What: The program focuses on eight neurodevelopmental constructs of learning (Language, Memory, Attention, Social Cognition, Higher Order Cognition, Neuromotor, Temporal-Sequential Ordering, and Spatial Ordering). Educators gain knowledge about the neurodevelopmental constructs, how to observe them in their students, and how to use their knowledge to guide effective instructional decision making for all children and adolescents.

When: This five-course program series, offered entirely online, begins in September and ends in May. Each course is 6 weeks long with time allotted between courses and for winter break. Customized scheduling and discounts are available for groups of 20 or more.

Where: All program elements are delivered online. Participants are grouped in a cohort model and are expected to complete readings and assignments in an assigned timeframe. Synchronous online class sessions are provided to enhance interaction with the instructor and among the cohort.


How Do I Register?

Register now on our website at and submit a purchase order number or send in a first installment check for the cost of the program ($1,000 total – $500 per semester due in September and January). Confirmation of your enrollment in the program will follow via email in addition to an enrollment packet. All payments should be sent to the CHIME Institute: 19722 Collier Street Woodland Hills, CA 91364. If you are interested in CEUs, there’s an additional cost to Brandman University of $180 (2 CEUs) per course.

Past Participants Say…

  • My knowledge and perception of students is much clearer and focused; every construct has greatly impacted my teaching.
  • I’m better able to think about the science and art of instruction, rather than my personal assumptions and beliefs.
  • I now see kids through these new lenses and really think about how to capitalize on their strengths and support their weaknesses
  • I have changed in the way that I interact with my students.